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It doesn't matter what brands you wear, the coffee you drink, the political party you voted for, or your past mistakes and regrets. It doesn’t matter whether you are exploring spirituality, you’re not sure if God exists, or you’ve had a relationship with Him your whole life. We are a community of imperfect people doing life together and following in Jesus’ footsteps as best we can. So bring your questions, doubts, fears, and hurts - no need to leave anything at the door, because this is where you belong.

  • Am I expected to give money?
    Visitors are not required or expected to give. At Grace, we give of our finances as a form of obedience and worship to God, trusting in his continuous provision personally and in our church. There is an opportunity to give at the end of each service for those who call Grace home and want to support what we are doing.
  • I was at a service, what is next for me?
    Every Sunday after the service, we have Next Steps classes that help you get more connected at Grace. These classes teach you about what we believe, your personality style and gifting and where you can use that at Grace, what it means to follow Jesus, and practical tools to grow in your relationship with God.
  • Can I bring my kids?
    All kids from infants to Grade 8 are invited to Kids Church every Sunday. Kids in Grade 5 and younger are required to be checked in and out by whomever is responsible for them. Those in Grades 6-8 can check themselves in and out. Check-In opens at 9:45 downstairs in our Kids Church space. To get downstairs, go through the door to your left after entering the building through the sliding doors. There will be many friendly volunteers to help you once you are downstairs. Click the button to learn more.
  • Will I be called out or asked to identify myself as a visitor?
    You will never be asked to stand up or stand out in any way. We want your time at Grace to be comfortable and welcoming. If you are interested in staying connected at Grace, you can visit the INFO Desk in the lobby after the service and fill out a connection card.
  • Can I check a service out online first?
    Yes, we welcome you to check out our YouTube live stream to get an idea of what you can expect from a Sunday morning service.
  • What happens after the service?
    You are welcome to stay after the service and hang out with us over a cup of coffee or tea. If you have any questions or want to stay connected, visit one of our lovely hosts at the INFO Desk. We also offer Next Steps classes after the service each Sunday.
  • What should I wear on a Sunday?
    People at Grace typically dress casually. You will see people wearing anything from sweat pants to jeans to dresses. You are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable with.
  • What can I expect when I arrive?
    There is lots of room in our parking lot for you to come and park your car. Then make your way to the sliding door entrance. There, you will be welcomed by our friendly greeters. There is an INFO Desk in the lobby where you can ask any questions you may have. After you arrive, you are welcome to visit in the lobby over a warm beverage or make your way into the auditorium. Once in the auditorium, there will be ushers to help you find a seat.
  • Do I need to bring a Bible?
    You are welcome to bring your own Bible or device for reading but are not expected or required to. The portions of the Bible that are read during the service will be available on the screen for you to follow along.
  • What is the music like?
    Our worship music is contemporary in style and led by a band. You are welcome to worship in a way that is comfortable for you, whether that be raising your hands, clapping, sitting or standing etc.
  • How long are the worship services?
    Our worship services are around 70 minutes. The message is around 35 minutes long. All messages can be found on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts if you want to check one out.
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We want your visit to be a great experience. Let us know that you're coming!

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